Laparoscopic appendicectomy in children: specimen coiling prevention using safe and simple technique to retrieve the appendix in a glove finger

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Abdelbasit E. Ali
Motaip H. Alrawili



Background Removal of the appendix from the peritoneal cavity following laparoscopic appendicectomy (LA) can be challenging. Several techniques have been described to extract the appendix. The use of a glove finger to remove the appendix is well known, however, it may prove to be difficult due to coiling and clubbing of the appendix inside the glove finger at the exit site. Occasionally the glove finger is damaged during this procedure with a resultant wound soiling and potentially wound infection.


Objectives To enable easy retrieval of the appendix and avoid complications.


Methods The 3rd Endo-loop ligature - that is coming out with the appendix - is left long and grasped to facilitate keeping the appendix straight during its removal in the glove finger. The records of all the children who underwent LA using this modified technique in our department in the period between February 2017 and March 2020 were reviewed retrospectively.


Results In 48 cases out of 151 LA, the appendix was extracted using this technique. Their ages ranged between 2-13 years. Complications related to the technique were observed in three patients (6.25%), one patient had a slipped ligature and two patients had fragmented necrotic appendices.


Conclusion Leaving a long ligature on the specimen is a simple, safe, inexpensive, easy and effective technique to control, straighten and retrieve the appendix in a glove finger.

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