Angiographic coronary artery anatomy in Sudan Heart Centre

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Abdelmoneim AA Abdellah
Ahmed SA Elsayed
Mohamed A Hassan


Objectives: The objectives were to study the normal coronary artery anatomy, to determine the incidence of the
normal coronary artery variations and anomalies from coronary angiographic studies.
Methods: This is a descriptive, retrospective study carried out in Sudan Heart Centre on patients seen during
the period from Jan 2001 to Dec 2004. The coronary artery angiography data was collected by a check list and
was revised by two of the authors.
Results: Four hundred and twenty nine patients who had coronary angiography which showed no coronary
artery pathology were included in this study. 55% were females. The mean age of the patients was 54.32. Four
hundred patients (93%) had normal coronary artery anatomy, 24 (6%) had normal coronary artery variations
and 5 (1%) had coronary artery anomalies. Right dominant circulation was found in 77% of the patients, while
15% of subjects had co dominant and 8% left dominant circulation.
Conclusions: The incidence of normal coronary artery anatomy and anomalies in this study are similar to those
reported in the literature. The majority of the hearts were right dominant and the co dominant circulation was
twice the left dominant ones.

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