Thyroidectomy at El Obeid Hospital, Western Sudan.

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El Bushra Ahmed Doumi
Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed
Awadalla Musa Abakar
Mohamed Yousif Bakhiet


AbstractAbstractBackground: Enlargement of the thyroid gland is an endemic health problem in Western Sudan and thyroidectomy is often performed in hospitals with different surgical approach for various reasons.Objectives: To study the indications, types, complications and outcome of thyroidectomy at El Obeid Hospital, Western Sudan.Patients and Methods: This is a retrospective descriptive study. The medical records of patients who underwent thyroidectomy during 2000 to 2007 at the University Surgical Unit, in El Obeid Teaching Hospital were reviewed. The data were analyzed for gender, age, clinical diagnosis, indications, type of operations performed and treatment outcomes.Results: There were 216 females and 30 males. 74.8% were between 21 and 50 years old. 60.2% of the operations were for endemic multinodular goitre mainly for pressure symptoms or signs, 14.6% for solitarythyroid nodules, 13% for simple diffused goitre, 6.5% for toxic goitre, and 5.7% for cancer. Near-total thyroidectomy was performed in 75.6% of cases, total thyroidectomy in 11.4%, unilateral lobectomy plusisthmus in 11% and nodulectomy in 2%. 36 patients needed blood transfusion, drains were inserted in allpatients and 3 patients had tracheotomies. The mortality rate was 2%. Conclusion: Thyroidectomy was a common operation at El Obeid Hospital. Near-total thyroidectomy was performed for benign goitre, whereas total thyroidectomy was done for cancer. Both procedures were effective and relatively safe within the current hospital setup. A more effective method for long term follow up isneeded. More surgical training and provision of intensive postoperative care facilities must precede adoptionof more radical approach for benign lesions as recommended elsewhere.

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